Baylor Genetics

Based in Houston, Baylor Genetics is a joint venture of Miraca Holdings and the Baylor College of Medicine. The joint venture was initially launched as Baylor Miraca Genetics Laboratories (BMGL) and is now rebranded as Baylor Genetics.

As part of the Miraca Holdings corporate organization, Baylor Genetics is a sister company to Miraca Life Sciences—offering a variety of genetic testing that Miraca can provide directly to clients.

Baylor Genetics’ current clients are located in all 50 states and in 16 countries. Its lab is well equipped with cutting-edge diagnostic equipment, allowing it to efficiently generate the most accurate clinical genetic data. Baylor Genetics employs a staff of more than 200.

Baylor Genetics specializes in diagnosis and prognosis of both common and rare genetic disorders, utilizing the latest in Molecular and Next Generation Sequencing techniques to bring today’s developments in cancer genetics to you and your patients.

Molecular and Next Generation Sequencing services available from Miraca Life Sciences and Baylor Genetics include:

  • Prognosis of malignancy
  • Analysis of genes associated with increased risk of hereditary cancers
  • Reliable prediction of personalized cancer therapies
  • Appropriate FDA-approved drug therapies specific to the patient’s genetic alteration(s)
  • Potential clinical trials related to the patient’s unique mutation(s)

Baylor Genetics’ Cancer Genetics Laboratory provides complete and comprehensive whole genome/exome single gene analysis and panels for oncology.

Baylor Genetics is a well-regarded reference laboratory, known for handling difficult and rare cases with responsive customer service and efficient and effective delivery of results.

As Baylor Genetics’ sister company, we have a wider array of tests to offer our clients and their patients.

To use Baylor Genetics services, simply work with your Miraca Life Sciences sales team or contact our Client Services team. We’ll be delighted to share even more information with you.

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The entire Miraca team has been the most supportive client service team we have ever dealt with. After 18 years as a clinical supervisor with our practice, I have been most impressed with the accessibility and commitment of the entire team.
— Brenda Esser, Clinical Supervisor,
Parks Dermatology Center, Daytona Beach, Fla.

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