Breast Pathology Expertise

Miraca Life Sciences offers a full continuum of care for breast disease management, serving interventional radiologists, surgeons and oncologists.

For The Interventional Radiologist:

  • Pathology for core needle biopsies and fine needle aspirations
  • STAT results
  • Confirm diagnoses—benign and malignant
  • Confirm calcifications
  • ER/PR/Ki67/HER2 predictive/prognostic testing
  • Rule out other conditions
  • Metastatic breast cancers in the axilla and other sites (FNA)

For The Breast Surgeon:

  • Pathology for biopsies, needle localizations, lumpectomies and mastectomies
  • Fast turnaround time
  • Confirmation of malignancy
  • TNM staging per CAP protocols
  • Sentinel lymph node protocols (H&E, IHC)
  • ER/PR/Ki67/HER2 predictive/prognostic testing
  • Metastasis confirmation

For The Breast Oncologist:

  • ER/PR/Ki67/HER2 predictive/prognostic testing
  • Gene expression profiling (Oncotype DX®, Prosigna, MammaPrint and Mammostrat, etc. per request)
  • Tumor molecular profiling (breast cancer gene panels)
  • Hereditary breast cancer panels (9-gene)
  • Recurrence management with additional tests as needed

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The patient info is well written and understandable. Although we have lots of information, finding it when you need it is the problem. Having it with the pathology report helps.
— Kevin Heath, MD
Conway Gastroenterology

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