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Submit Specimens

If you are an existing Miraca Life Sciences client and need a requisition to accompany a specimen you are sending to our lab, please complete the form below and fax to 866.688.3280.

Dermatopathology Requisition (Download PDF)
Podiatric Pathology Requisition (Download PDF)

If this is your first time ordering from us, please contact Dermatopathology Client Services to set up your client profile.

We are one of a few select laboratories that perform Melanoma FISH testing. For more information, download Melanoma FISH Test Notification (Download PDF)

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Miraca has made our life much easier by providing the necessary technology, the most professional service and excellent customer service. We have used different pathology labs in the past. Miraca is the most outstanding among all of them.
— Angela Wong, Office Manager, David S. Ho, MD, Urologist
Houston, Texas

Learn about Miraca's unmatched quality. We provide our clients with access to the highest quality AP services.