Hematopathology Laboratory Services

Hematopathology Services

Miraca Life Sciences' expert hematology laboratory provides world-class hematopathology services that address the problems unique to your patient. With proven hematopathology expertise and comprehensive diagnostics, these services are the result of a collaborative environment that leverages the most relevant diagnostic information available to foster a more personalized approach to treatment and disease management.

Our hematopathology laboratory located in Phoenix, AZ provides a level of quality, integrated with innovative technologies that combine traditional platforms with progressive molecular and antibody-based diagnostics.

The Most Accurate Diagnoses

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I recommend using [Miraca’s] laboratory and physicians most highly and without reservation.
— Michael H. Coverman, MD,
Austin Dermatology Clinic, PA, Austin, Texas

Learn about Miraca's unmatched quality. We provide our clients with access to the highest quality AP services.

Meet Our Experts

Raul C. Braylan, MD
Riccardo Valdez, MD

Vice President, Medical Director, Hematopathology

Blood Based Disorders

Learn about Miraca Life Sciences' comprehensive service for blood and bone marrow cancer testing.

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