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Gastrointestinal Pathology Fellowship

Miraca Life Sciences offered fellowship training in gastrointestinal (GI) pathology at our Irving (Dallas) laboratory. Inform Diagnostics currently is not accepting applications.

Inform Diagnostics interprets GI biopsies from more than 400,000 patients each year, providing unparalleled exposure to the full spectrum of GI pathology. In this unique setting, fellows gain progressive expertise in the analysis and reporting of GI biopsy material. Rotations at affiliated institutions complement this year of training by providing exposure to additional types of GI specimens, including resection specimens from the GI tract, pancreas, and liver, including liver transplant pathology.

Attendance and participation in Inform Diagnostics' daily and monthly educational conferences, as well as didactic lectures and journal club, ensures exposure to numerous interesting and challenging cases. In addition, fellows are expected to teach and mentor rotating residents from the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center, Department of Pathology.

Inform Diagnostics routinely has a strong presence at national gastroenterology and pathology meetings featuring its investigative research activities; therefore, it is expected that fellows will participate in at least one research project during the fellowship year.

GI fellowship positions for the academic year 2016-17 have been filled.

Past Fellowship Recipients

2007-2008 Christopher Schuler, MD East Carolina University Community Hospital, Dallas, TX
2008-2009 Shawn Kinsey, MD University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center Private Laboratory, Memphis TN
2008-2009 Kristina Treat, MD University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center Community Hospital, Dallas, TX
2009-2010 Christopher Morgan, DO University of Tennessee Miraca Life Sciences, Staff Pathologist
2010-2011 Monica Ruiz, MD University of Texas at Houston Community Hospital, Dallas, TX
2010-2011 David Kaneshiro, MD The Cleveland Clinic Community Hospital, Denver, CO
2011-2012 William O'Connell, DO National Capital Consortium - Walter Reed Army Medical Center and Bethesda Naval Medical Center Landstuhl Regional Medical Center (U.S. Army)
2012-2013 Amber Cockburn, MD UT Southwestern Medical Center Miraca Life Sciences, Staff Pathologist
2013-2014 Kevin Turner, DO University of Cincinnati Miraca Life Sciences, Staff Pathologist
2014-2015 Nicholas Grant, MD University of Oklahoma Private Practice, Boise, ID
2015-2016 Mauricio Salicru, MD University of Texas at Houston Community Hospital, Dallas, TX

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Your dermatopathologists are awesome! It is a huge gift to have your pathologists working with me. It’s amazing what a difference accurate diagnoses make in the quality of care I can provide.
— Kimberly J. Wonderlich, MD
Wonderlich Dermatology, Fairbanks, Alaska

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Meet Our Experts

Richard H. Lash, MD, FCAP, FACG
Richard H. Lash, MD, FCAP, FACG

Chief Medical Officer and Executive Vice President of Operations

James M. Gulizia, MD, PhD
James M. Gulizia, MD, PhD

Vice President and Medical Director of GI Pathology